How to Properly Empty an Office Garbage Can

services-31You might think that most of the items thrown into office garbage cans are paper. But actually, thanks to most business’s recycling efforts, very little paper today is actually thrown away.

Instead, paper is typically collected in special recycling bins and everything else imaginable is thrown into office garbage cans. That includes food wrappers, used coffee cups, chewing gum, and more.

Commercial Cleaning New Hampshire — Plastic Liners

That’s why most office cleaning services will line office garbage cans with plastic liners. These help catch any liquids or food items so that they can’t leak out and soil carpeting, floors, or other areas.

Office garbage cans are almost always changed nightly. Any type of food or liquid left in a garbage can for more than a few hours can start to deteriorate and smell. So removing wet or soiled garbage quickly is essential to the optimal sanitation of the office space.

Commercial Cleaning New Hampshire — Multiple Bags

In order to prevent spills, most office garbage cans are double bagged when they are changed. While the thickness of the liner is generally durable enough to stand up to any garbage that can be thrown into it, if double bags are always used then garbage cans that are filled with wet or sharp trash can be safely removed without stains.

Usually, the cleaning personnel changing the bag will throw an extra bag or two into the bottom of the office garbage can. This serves two purposes: First, it make sure there are spare bags for changing later, and, second, it provides additional bags just in case the garbage can has to be changed by the office’s occupant during working hours.

At All Bright Janitorial Service, changing out soiled office garbage cans is just one of the many duties we perform nightly to keep your office, commercial, or manufacturing space neat and sanitary at all times.




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