Cleaning Offices Effectively Requires Long-Term Planning

services-30Most people don’t think about it but there’s a science to cleaning offices and other workspaces.

Professional cleaners, such as those at All Bright Janitorial Services, perform certain tasks every day, including removing debris, paper, and other items from floors and public spaces. But other tasks are performed weekly, monthly, and even semi-annually.

Janitorial Services Boston — Everyday Duties

Each day, our cleaning staff will vacuum up any dirt or debris that can’t be picked up by hand, often using a backpack vacuum for added speed and efficiency, especially when cleaning in and around office cubicles.

We also will look for stains or spots on floors, walls, windows, doors, and baseboards. Once we identify the cause of the stain, we will use the appropriate stain remover to get rid of it.

Janitorial Services Boston — Weekly Duties

Depending on the circumstances, some cleaning duties are often performed only once or twice per week. These can include such things as dusting, wiping down desks, phones, computer keyboards, and calculators with disinfectant, and cleaning heating vents, ledges, door jambs, and window sills.

Of course, in some cases, these duties will be performed more frequently. For example, while cleaning a retail business, public areas are usually dusted completely daily.

Janitorial Services Boston — Month Duties

There are some cleaning jobs that are typically done only once or twice per month. These include disassembling and cleaning wall-mounted units like paper towel dispensers and hand dryers and treating them with disinfectant spray or wipes.

Other monthly tasks can include polishing desks, tables, chairs and other wood objects using special wood furniture polish to create a more professional shine, and vacuuming or dusting overhead circular fans and behind hard to reach spaces like heavy tables and desks.

Of course, if your business has specific needs that require more frequent cleaning, at All Bright Janitorial Services we are always happy to comply with whatever special instructions you have.




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