What Kind of NH Businesses Use All Bright Janitorial Service?

home-18All Bright Janitorial Service offers top-quality office and commercial cleaning for clients throughout New England, including the greater Boston metropolitan area and the entire state of New Hampshire.

Our professional cleaning crews work with dozens of area businesses to provide essential cleaning services to stores, offices, manufacturing facilities, and many other types of businesses.

Office and Commercial Cleaning NH — New Hampshire Agriculture

People outside of New England often think of New Hampshire as largely an agricultural state. And there are many rural areas devoted to both livestock and crops.

Dairy farming and dairy products account for about 31% of the state’s total agricultural output. Beef cattle and calves are important to the state’s economy, as are eggs and chicken. But aquaculture and hot production are growing quickly in New Hampshire.

While the state is famous for its maple syrup production, New Hampshire’s field crops are mostly composed of sweet corn, potatoes, and hay that is used for cattle and horse feed.

Office and Commercial Cleaning NH — Commercial Cleaning Services

New Hampshire is known for its granite quarries. In fact, it is known as the “Granite State”.

But New Hampshire also has many non-agricultural business industries, primarily finance, insurance, and real estate. Tourism is also a big industry in the state, especially in the fall when the leaves have their most spectacular colors.

Manchester is the state’s insurance and banking center. But the state’s urban areas also a fast-growing community, business, and personal services sector spurred by private health care, law firms, vacation resorts, and repair shops.

Wholesale industries include automobiles and groceries while the retail sector includes discount stores, food stores, service stations, and restaurants.

New Hampshire may be a small state, but it’s an active one. And All Bright Janitorial Service is there to help clean every type of office and commercial business in the state.




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