Buffed Floors Reflect Positively on Your Business

cleaning floor with machineYou might think that with all of today’s advanced building materials, it wouldn’t be necessary anymore to buff floors to a high shine.

But while it’s true that there are lots of low-maintenance flooring materials you can use in your office or business, clean, shiny, buffed floors are still one of the best ways to make a positive impression with clients, customers, vendors, and other visitors to your business.

Cleaning Services Contractor NH — Sending a Message

Today’s contemporary construction and design lean toward more casual, less labor-intensive flooring, such as wood planks or tiles. These are usually faster and cheaper flooring surfaces and don’t require a lot of care and maintenance.

But they also don’t offer the same type of message as businesses with highly buffed floors. When you walk into a business or office with shiny floors, you may not consciously notice it all the time, but subliminally you get a better impression of that business.

Buffed floors set the tone that this is a business that cares about details. And this can inspire confidence in your customers, clients, and others interacting with your business.

Cleaning Services Contractor NH — More Maintenance, More Value

Floors that require regular maintenance like buffing dress up an office. It’s like the difference between a company that has a strict dress code and one that allows its employees to wear anything they want to work. Which would you rather do business with?

At All Bright Janitorial Services, we clean and maintain our clients’ businesses as if they were our own — including buffing floors to a high shine, where appropriate. We want the physical condition of your business to make the best possible impression on your customers as possible.

While not all floors need to be buffed, those that do say something positive about your business.



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