Take Steps to Control the Spread of Cold and Flu

housekeepingWhenever the winter weather sets into New England, the number of employees who get sick with cold and flu bugs increase exponentially.

The cause of cold and flu season is obvious: Colder weather forces people to work in tighter quarters. There tend to be fewer trips out to visit clients and more time spent working in the office next to or near co-workers.

And because colds and flu are spread by physical contact with the germs that cause them, the closer people are the more likely they are to catch the bug.

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In winter, people tend to spend more time working in close proximity to others. Consequently, the incidence of cold and flu increase dramatically.

While working near others is often unavoidable in winter, catching a cold or flu is not. All your employees need to do is to take a few simple precautions and you can get through cold and flu season with minimal illnesses.

Encourage your employees to wash their hands frequently. Most cold and flu bugs are spread by touching surfaces that are already infected. Removing these germs from hands through regular washing can help prevent infection.

Cleaning Services Contractor NH — Sanitizing Work Surfaces

Another highly effective way to avoid spreading cold and flu germs are through sanitizing surfaces like keyboards, desktops, and telephones with disinfectants. Ask your commercial cleaning service to wipe all surfaces with sanitary wipes nightly.

Encourage workers to keep their work areas disinfected by distributing packages of sanitary wipes to everybody. The minimal cost can easily be offset by the savings your business will realize through increased productivity and reduced sick time.

Cold and flu season runs concurrently with cold weather. During these winter months, taking steps to prevent the spread of cold and flu in your workplace can help your business be more successful.



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