How to Inspect Commercial Cleaning Services

握手In business, there’s an axiom that goes: “Inspect what you expect”.

People often will only perform what you require of them. If your current cleaning service workers don’t feel as if you directly supervise them and aren’t going to inspect their work on a regular basis, they probably aren’t going to perform at the level of consistent excellence that you expect.

Commercial Cleaning Services Boston — Expectations

Good managers know people need to be kept on their toes — especially contracted workers like commercial cleaning companies. Because these workers are at least one tier removed from your direct supervision — they report to their supervisor or manager, not you — the likelihood of them cutting corners or trying to take shortcuts is higher.

Similarly, your observations or complaints about their work is one tier removed from the people who actually do the work. If you notice something amiss, in all likelihood you will contact the commercial cleaning service you contract to maintain your workplace, not give direct instructions to the line level employees.

Doing so may be met with a sneer, a complaint that you aren’t their boss, or at the very least the response that you should “call the main office”.

Commercial Cleaning Services Boston — Make a Change

All of which brings us back full circle: “Inspect what you expect”.

Just because your contracted commercial cleaners don’t work directly for you doesn’t mean you don’t deserve high-quality services. In fact, that’s exactly what you are paying them to provide.

If you are frustrated with your current commercial cleaning service, it’s time to make a change. At All Bright Janitorial Services, we provide the best office and workplace cleaning in New England. And it’s all provided by friendly, helpful, and responsive workers who want to do a great job for your business.

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