The Hallmarks of Top-Quality Commercial Cleaning

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How can you tell a good commercial cleaning company from a bad one? If you are paying to have your office, commercials space, warehouse, or institution cleaned by an outside vendor, it’s an important question.

Commercial cleaning can be a tricky thing to supervise because much of the time it takes place when you aren’t physically at your business, such as during overnights or on weekends. Yet there are certain telltale signs that your cleaning company is doing a good job (or not) if you know how to spot them.

Good Signs

First, the good signs: The best indication that your commercial cleaners are doing a high-quality job is that you never have to think about them. When you come into your workplace in the morning and it is clean, orderly, and well-cared for, it’s probably an indication that you have a good cleaning company working for you.

Another sign is that you don’t get phone calls or complaints about your cleaning company. When your managers or supervisors don’t call you about something that has not been done, or about poor cleaning or absenteeism by your contracted cleaners, that’s a good sign. But don’t worry: They will almost certainly call about something else!

Bad Signs

Indications that your commercial cleaners are doing a poor job are often obvious: Overflowing trash cans, streaky walls, mirrors, or floors, generally poor overnight cleaning. Another bad sign is excuses: When your commercial cleaning contractor’s account representative is frequently calling to tell you why something wasn’t done, that’s not a great sign.

What you want is for your commercial cleaning to be seamless. There shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises in the morning, no phone calls from managers complaining about the quality of the cleaning, and most importantly no excuses why the job you are paying for wasn’t done properly.

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