Many Businesses Modifying Their Commercial Cleaning

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This fall is a very volatile time for corporate offices, small business workspaces, and other commercial buildings. As the COVID crisis began waning, many companies started making plans for employees who have been working from home to finally return to the office. But the surge of the Delta variant in many areas has changed those plans again as business leaders postpone or even cancel plans for their workforce to return to a central office.

Commercial cleaning schedules are similarly subject to these types of stop and start cycles. Business owners don’t want to pay to have empty offices cleaned. But at the same time, they don’t want workers to return to workspaces that haven’t been cleaned in weeks or even months.

Retail Cleaning

Even retail operations have unpredictable cleaning schedules right now. During the global pandemic, many stores, restaurants, and malls shut down entirely. Others shifted to carry out or delivery only. While many tried to manage the crisis with an ever-changing approach to serving their customers and clients mainly dictated by local health department requirements.

As a result, the type of commercial cleaning they required often differed from week to week or from month to month. Retail operations that were closed completely required minimal or no cleaning while carry-out and delivery operations required only nominal cleaning. Still others required their entire retail operation to be thoroughly cleaned prior to last-minute reopening when local health regulations were suddenly loosened.

All Bright Adaptability

All this is to say that All Bright Janitorial Services has learned to be as adaptable as our clients during the last year and a half. We’ve scaled up and scaled-down several times since the coronavirus outbreak began and we expect to be doing the stop-and-start thing for a while longer.

The bottom line is that we are here to serve your needs. So when you need to rapidly increase or decrease your commercial cleaning schedule, all you need to do is call. We are happy to accommodate you.