Bigger Is Not Always Better

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For some things, you want the biggest brand. Disney is the first choice for theme park entertainment. One of Detroit’s “Big 3” is most drivers’ pick for the family car. And McDonald’s is probably the most trusted name for a reliably delicious fast lunch or dinner.

But bigger isn’t always better. In some industries — such as commercial cleaning — the small, hungrier companies are often the best choice because they offer value and commitment as well as reliability and professionalism.

The Big Conglomerates

Like most other major industries, commercial cleaning has a couple of big names. These mega-companies have clients throughout the US and even the world. They offer a variety of services and certainly have name recognition. But they aren’t always the best choice, especially for small businesses like yours.

For one thing, they tend to be more costly. All that marketing is expensive. And who’s paying for all that advertising and aggressive campaigning? Their clients.

For another, you are less likely to get personalized service from a huge commercial cleaning company. Why? Because your business is just one of literally thousands they deal with every day. So when you have a problem or complaint, it’s unlikely it will be prioritized.

All Bright Janitorial Services

All Bright Janitorial Services isn’t the biggest commercial cleaner in the US, or even in New England. But that’s the way we like it because we can provide affordable, reliable, and personalized commercial and industrial cleaning to our clients with the professionalism they deserve. We aim for quality over quantity.

Unlike the “big name” companies, we genuinely care about our individual clients. When you call, we answer — usually on the first ring — and make every effort to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Plus, because we don’t have to buy national TV ads or launch costly marketing campaigns, we pass the savings on to you so that we can keep our prices competitive.

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Better is better, like the kind of better service you get from All Bright Janitorial Services.