Our Cleaners Are Always Open to Special Instructions


One of the biggest selling points of All Bright Janitorial Services is that we are experienced at cleaning lots of different kinds of commercial b businesses. No two of our clients are alike. So each requires a specialized approach that includes specific cleaning instructions.

Cleaning a school, for example, is different than cleaning a medical office. In the same way, overnight cleaning of an office building presents different challenges than cleaning a retail store or entertainment venue while customers or guests are still present.

Special Instructions

Our cleaning crews always want to know what special instructions you might have to improve the cleaning of your business or commercial space. For example, in some of the medical facilities we service there is high-tech equipment that needs to be handled with exquisite care. Similarly, in some churches there are areas that are sacrosanct and can’t be entered under any circumstances.

We need to know these things in order to optimize the quality of our service to our clients. One of the first things we do when we acquire a new account is to meet with the owner or manager to discuss cleaning schedules, expectations, and special instructions.

Knowledge Is Power

The more we know about what you want, the better we can serve you. That’s why our cleaning crews are always open to special instructions, specific tasks you want to be performed, and information about your facility that will help us serve you better.

At All Bright Janitorial Services, our number one goal is to exceed your expectations with our professional cleaning. The best way to accomplish this is to continually strive to serve you better through the sharing of information and performance feedback.

Do you have special instructions about how you want your property cleaned? Let us know! We want to hear all about it.