We Start with a Template then Customize


When we take on a new client, the professional commercial cleaners at All Bright Janitorial Services typically follow a familiar pattern: We take our standard cleaning template and apply it to your workplace. Then we customize it based on your specific needs.

All workplaces need the same basic cleaning tasks performed, whether it’s emptying the trash, sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping down counters, and so on. But every client is unique and will consequently have specific tasks that need to be performed only for them. That’s where customization comes into play.

Pre-Cleaning Planning

Generally, when you bring us on board to provide cleaning services for your business, our account executive assigned to your site will schedule a walk-through with one of your managers. We probably also will bring the supervisor of the crew that will be doing the actual cleaning. Maybe even a few of the cleaners.

We will talk about what we plan to do. But equally importantly, we will carefully listen and make detailed notes about what you want. For example, there may be some specialized equipment or unique facilities that require skilled cleaning. Or you may want your cleaning performed in a specific sequence or according to a pre-determined schedule.

All Bright Janitorial Services

Whatever your specific needs are, our experienced and professional commercial cleaners can accommodate your business. At All Bright Janitorial Services, we have been providing top-quality, professional cleaning services to businesses of all types throughout New England, from retail stores to medical offices, from manufacturing plants to warehouses.

Odds are we already have experience cleaning an operation similar to yours. So we will come with some ideas. But we are anxious to hear yours. Our goal is the same as yours: To provide the finest cleaning services for your business. We stive to exceed your expectations.