We Can Help with New Business Planning

Starting a new business has lots of challenges. There are major decisions like finding a location, hiring and training staff, and promoting and marketing to attract new customers and clients. Then there are secondary things to worry about like keeping your new business clean. At All Bright Janitorial Services, we may not be able to […]

We Are Open to Criticism

Overnight cleaning crews generally don’t want to hear what you have to say about the quality of their work. Mostly, they are used to working alone and never seeing the client. So when they finally do hear from you, the last thing they want is to listen to what you have to say — especially […]

Sparkling Clean Impressive to Clients

If you host clients, vendors, or customers in your business, one of the most important selling points is how clean your premises are. If you have overflowing trash bins, sloppy desks, floors that need mopping, or dirty countertops, people are going to form a bad opinion about your company. First impressions matter. And the start […]

We Pick Up When You Call

One of the most frustrating things about having a contracted cleaning service is not being able to get in touch with somebody when you have a complaint, a question, or simply need clarification about something. There are a lot of contract cleaners that are notorious for never picking up when clients call. It can take […]

Adaptability Is the All Bright Janitorial Difference

Small businesses thrive by being nimble. The ability to react quickly to changes in the marketplace is what benefits small business owners compared to big chains or large corporations. At All Bright Janitorial Services, we are a small business that serves other small businesses. So you could say our ability to adapt quickly is the […]

Does Your Contract Auto-Renew?

Contract cleaning typically requires a contract. After all, it’s right there in the name. But many contract cleaners include a clause in their contract that allows it to auto-renew unless the client notifies them in writing that they want to terminate it. And this clause usually isn’t at the top of the contract, but instead […]

We Start with a Template then Customize

When we take on a new client, the professional commercial cleaners at All Bright Janitorial Services typically follow a familiar pattern: We take our standard cleaning template and apply it to your workplace. Then we customize it based on your specific needs. All workplaces need the same basic cleaning tasks performed, whether it’s emptying the […]

Reliability Is Key for Commercial Cleaners

When your commercial cleaner is reliable, everything else will take care of itself.  That’s what most business owners will tell you about what they are looking for in a contracted cleaning company. Reliability doesn’t just mean arriving when scheduled and staying until the job is done. It means performing all the required tasks and taking […]

If We Don’t Already Know How, We’ll Learn

The professional cleaners at All Bright Janitorial Services already know most of the traditional cleaning techniques, such as how to dust, sweep, wipe down equipment, and take out the trash. But increasingly, we encounter clients with more complicated cleaning requirements, such as medical offices, manufacturing facilities, and even retail stores. So if we don’t already […]

Consider Lost Opportunity Costs

One of the most important costs to your business won’t be found in any profit and loss sheet or budget. It’s the opportunity cost of having your own staff clean your business — or doing it yourself — as opposed to hiring a commercial cleaning contractor. When your staff is cleaning your business, they aren’t […]