Coffee Stains Common in Office Environments

Coffee and business naturally go together. Most people need at least a cup or two of energizing coffee to make it through their workday. Unfortunately, coffee can also stain things like upholstery, carpeting, clothing, and other surfaces. If spilled coffee isn’t addressed right away, coffee stains can live on forever. Here are some of the […]

5 Ways to Help Make Your Cleaning Contractor More Efficient

Professional cleaners can keep your office neat, clean, and sanitary. But if you employ a bunch of slobs who don’t take care of their workspace, it’s going to be an endless battle to keep your business clean. Creating a culture of personal responsibility and pride of place will help. Encourage people to take actions to […]

Open Design and Cleaning

Modern office design often features large open floor plans, oversized windows or skylights to let in abundant sunshine, and the elimination of cubicles, doors, and even most walls. While this futuristic look may improve communication and productivity, it also instantly exposes any kind of messy or disorderly workspace. Despite its drawbacks, old-school office design allowed […]

Your Team Is Depending on You

If you are an office manager, facilities supervisor, or even a landlord, the people that work in your office or building every day depend on you to make the right decisions. And one of the most important is hiring a reliable, competent janitorial service to clean and maintain the business space. If you hire the […]

How to Inspect Commercial Cleaning Services

In business, there’s an axiom that goes: “Inspect what you expect”. People often will only perform what you require of them. If your current cleaning service workers don’t feel as if you directly supervise them and aren’t going to inspect their work on a regular basis, they probably aren’t going to perform at the level […]

Growing Businesses Need to Rely on Outside Help

Most small businesses follow a predictable path to success. They often start out as a great idea that develops into a “mom and pop” operation with perhaps just a handful of employees. But as the business becomes more and more successful it begins to grow — both physically and financially. At a certain point, the […]

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

There are some cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning homes. There are others that focus exclusively on cleaning businesses. So what’s the difference? Isn’t cleaning one space the same as cleaning anywhere else. Not really. Each type of cleaning company has its own area of expertise. Commercial Cleaning Services Boston — Frequency For one thing, […]

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

When hiring a cleaning contractor for your office, retail store, or business, you have certain expectations. You want somebody who is going to be reliable. You need cleaners to know what they are doing. And you expect attention to detail. Contract cleaners often work unsupervised by their clients. So their cleaners also need to be […]

A Dirty Workplace Is Bad for Business

People are creatures of habit. When we work all day in the same space, what it looks like often fades into the background. Most business owners who have a dirty or messy workplace often don’t even realize it. But you can be sure that their clients or customers will. Imagine walking into a professional office […]

The Cleaning Services Boston Trusts

If your business responsibilities include overseeing your commercial cleaners, it’s important that there are no unhappy surprises. If your current cleaning company keeps letting you down, it reflects poorly on you. And that’s not something your career can afford. The commercial cleaning industry in New England is highly competitive. So there’s no reason to keep […]

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