Most Overnight Cleaners Hate Unannounced Inspections

Commercial cleaners who service clients during the grave shift are accustomed to working unsupervised. That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to periodically perform unannounced inspections. You are likely to be surprised — if not shocked — by what your contracted cleaners are doing inside your business when you aren’t there. It’s not unusual to […]

Don’t Hire Residential Cleaners for Commercial Properties

You probably wouldn’t try to take a pallet of lumber home from your local home improvement store in a Toyota Camry. You wouldn’t use a water cannon to clean your windows. And you wouldn’t use sheet metal press to cut a set of house keys. So why would you hire commercial cleaners for your office, […]

The Best Time to Change Commercial Cleaners

Companies change commercial cleaning contractors all the time. But when is the best time to replace your current janitorial services company with somebody else? There are a number of different factors to consider, including budgeting, quality of service, and price. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually Companies work on fiscal calendars that are broken down by year, […]

Every Commercial Cleaning Job Is Unique

All Bright Janitorial Services provides commercial cleaning for a wide variety of clients. There are retail stores that need overnight cleaning, manufacturing facilities that require the occasional deep cleaning, and office buildings that have us perform janitorial services both during the day and overnight. There also are one-time cleaning jobs where our experienced commercial cleaners […]

Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services

What’s the difference between commercial cleaning and janitorial services? In short, the answer is frequency. Janitorial services are provided daily, often while all of your other employees are still in the building. Janitors perform cleaning-related functions such as vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash bins, cleaning countertops, resupplying bathrooms, and so on. Janitors can respond to on-demand […]

Many Businesses Modifying Their Commercial Cleaning

This fall is a very volatile time for corporate offices, small business workspaces, and other commercial buildings. As the COVID crisis began waning, many companies started making plans for employees who have been working from home to finally return to the office. But the surge of the Delta variant in many areas has changed those […]

Get Back in Business with a Deep Cleaning

Businesses throughout New England have been slowly making plans to return to full speed, including welcoming back many employees who have been working from home for the past year-plus. Before you reopen the doors to your office building, retail store, warehouse, or other business, consider the toll all that time has taken on its physical […]

Clients are Raving about All Bright Janitorial Services

All Bright Janitorial Services provides top-quality commercial cleaning services for successful businesses throughout New England. For more than 15 years, we have been the first choice for business owners who care about professional, reliable commercial cleaning. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about All Bright […]

All Bright Offers All Types of Cleaning Services

Some commercial cleaning companies specialize in a single type of cleaning. For example, there are commercial cleaners who are experts at post-disaster cleanup. There are others that perform mostly one-time deep cleaning for reopenings after a long shutdown. Then there are those that offer regularly scheduled commercial cleaning on a weekly, twice-weekly, or even a […]

Go Ahead, Fire Your Contract Cleaners

Have you ever gotten so mad at your contract cleaners that you wanted to fire them on the spot? If so, you aren’t alone. Maybe you caught overnight cleaners sleeping on the job. Or perhaps you walked into your business to wonder if they had even been there at all. Or you may have noticed […]