If Your Current Cleaner Tells You ‘Can’t’, Fire Them!

One of the most frustrating things to hear from a contract cleaning company is the word “can’t”. “We can’t clean like that because …” “We can’t come in the day that you need us.” “We can’t add extra people or remove people from the schedule.” If you are hearing “can’t” from your current cleaner more […]

Add Before and After Holiday Party Cleaning

If you are planning a holiday event for your employees, call All Bright Janitorial Services to add before and after cleaning appointments to make sure your business is in optimal condition. Holiday parties are a great way to build morale, boost employee loyalty, and even increase retention. Hosting your holiday event in your workplace saves […]

Changing Seasons Requires Cleaning Adjustments

In New England, the change from summer to autumn is probably more dramatic than anywhere else in the US. In fact, people travel here from across the country just to see the transition for themselves. But the changing seasons also mean that commercial cleaning companies have to adjust the way they approach their client’s cleaning […]

Three Things to Look For in a Contract Cleaner

In New England, there are literally hundreds of commercial cleaning companies. So how can you tell which ones are worth the money and which will give you nothing but headaches? The answer is the three Rs. There are three specific things to look for in a commercial cleaning company: Reliability, responsibility, and responsiveness. When you […]

Schedules Matter

For any business, keeping operations on schedule is important to the bottom line. When schedules go awry, it’s usually an indication that something has gone wrong. And that can have profound implications for weeks or months to come. The same holds true for your vendors. If you don’t get raw materials on time, they can’t […]

Watch Out for Contractors that Overpromise

Among commercial cleaning contractors, it’s typical for the best employee to be the salesperson signing up new contracts. That’s because that person can promise you anything, but when it comes time to deliver they are already on to the next potential client — even when there’s a problem that you need solved right away. The […]

We’re Experts at Becoming Experts

Many of the clients of All Bright Janitorial Services have specialized cleaning requirements, such as technical equipment, hazardous materials, or health and safety protocols. As a result, our teams of experienced cleaners have become something of an expert on developing expertise for specific applied cleaning situations. If your enterprise has specialized cleaning requirements, we will […]

When You Call, We’ll Do More than Just Answer

All Bright Janitorial Services is responsive to our clients. Unlike many other commercial cleaning companies, we will not only take your calls, we’ll actually do something about what you are calling about. With too many contract cleaning companies, once they get your account, that’s pretty much the last you hear from them. Trying to get […]

Yes, You Can Get Out of Your Current Cleaning Contract

If your current contract cleaner isn’t meeting your expectations, in most cases you can cancel the contract. You usually don’t need to meet certain criteria or wait for the contract to expire. If you aren’t happy, you can probably bail. Very often, when All Bright Janitorial Services approaches a prospective client we are told that […]

At All Bright Janitorial Services, You’re the Boss

A lot of contract cleaners will come in, tell you what needs to be done, then service your business in whatever way they want. They almost treat you as if you are working for them, rather than the other way around. But not at All Bright Janitorial Services. We understand that it’s your business and […]