Breaking Your Contract May Be Easier Than You Think

A lot of business owners think that because they signed a contract with their commercial cleaner, they are stuck with them until the contract expires. And that’s exactly what a lot of poor quality cleaning companies are counting on. Commercial cleaners that have high turnover, poor management, inadequate training, or lack of supervision often provide […]

A New Era Is Dawning

The past year or so has been challenging for many businesses. Everybody has been impacted by the coronavirus global pandemic. Some companies survived, but many didn’t. But now as mass vaccinations are underway and the numbers of people infected and hospitalizations are dropping, the post-COVID era is on the horizon. What is your business doing […]

Some Special Cleaning Applications Require Documentation

Some types of commercial or industrial cleaning benefit from having a paper trail. Potentially hazardous materials like blood, some industrial wastes, or chemicals not only need to be removed thoroughly but may also legally require documentation from a certified professional cleaner. Some states, counties, or even municipalities require the registration or licensing of companies that […]

Frequent, High-Visibility Cleaning Good for Business

As the world recovers from the coronavirus, the make or break factor for many businesses is going to be confidence. Will customers and clients be confident that they can interact with your business in-person without risk of getting sick? The best way to instill this confidence and reassure customers and employees alike that your business […]

Talked to Your Commercial Cleaners Lately?

If your business or office has been closed since mid-March as a result of the coronavirus and you finally are preparing to reopen, one of the first calls you likely will make will be to your commercial cleaning contractor. But will they answer? Don’t be surprised if they don’t. Or if you don’t get the […]

A Fresh Start

As the stay at home orders are lifted, businesses nationwide are once again opening their doors. When your office, store, or business reopens, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to start fresh. There’s no need to pick up where you left off — or to make the same mistakes you did in the […]

Frequent, High-Visibility Cleaning Builds Confidence

Maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace has always been a priority for successful businesses. But in the coming weeks and months — as the world emerges from the global coronavirus pandemic — frequent, high-visibility cleaning will help build confidence in your organization’s safety. People don’t like shopping in a dirty commercial business. But now they […]

Coffee Stains Common in Office Environments

Coffee and business naturally go together. Most people need at least a cup or two of energizing coffee to make it through their workday. Unfortunately, coffee can also stain things like upholstery, carpeting, clothing, and other surfaces. If spilled coffee isn’t addressed right away, coffee stains can live on forever. Here are some of the […]

5 Ways to Help Make Your Cleaning Contractor More Efficient

Professional cleaners can keep your office neat, clean, and sanitary. But if you employ a bunch of slobs who don’t take care of their workspace, it’s going to be an endless battle to keep your business clean. Creating a culture of personal responsibility and pride of place will help. Encourage people to take actions to […]

Open Design and Cleaning

Modern office design often features large open floor plans, oversized windows or skylights to let in abundant sunshine, and the elimination of cubicles, doors, and even most walls. While this futuristic look may improve communication and productivity, it also instantly exposes any kind of messy or disorderly workspace. Despite its drawbacks, old-school office design allowed […]