Consider Lost Opportunity Costs

Consider Lost Opportunity Costs

One of the most important costs to your business won’t be found in any profit and loss sheet or budget. It’s the opportunity cost of having your own staff clean your business — or doing it yourself — as opposed to hiring a commercial cleaning contractor.

When your staff is cleaning your business, they aren’t focusing on what’s really important: Taking care of your customers. So while the hourly rate of paying your people to clean your business may be lower than the cost of hiring a contract cleaner, when you factor in the cost of lost business due to inattention — not to mention damage to your business’s reputation — the lost opportunity costs are much, much higher.

Hiring Volume

One of the biggest complaints employees express is that they weren’t hired to do cleaning, they were hired for their other skills such as selling, marketing, or writing code. So when you force them to spend a portion of their day cleaning your premises, it’s naturally going to lead to resentment, which eventually will lead to turnover, increased training costs, and even more lost business.

The simplest solution is not to burden your employees with something they don’t want to do anyway. Simply hire All Bright Janitorial Services to clean your business according to the schedule that’s most convenient for you and your people will be happier, more productive, and more likely to stick around longer.

Just Good Business

Most small business owners find themselves in a dilemma: Their business isn’t big enough to support a full-time cleaning staff yet they must keep their facilities clean in order to create an inviting environment for clients and customers.

The unfortunate solution they often choose is to force their employees to clean in addition to their other duties. This leads to bigger problems down the line. Yet the solution is right in front of them: All Bright Janitorial Services.

We’ve been providing New England small businesses with cleaning solutions for more than a decade. Let us show you how we can help build your business.